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剑 英语46个音标收音 桥国际英语语音正在用(低级

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做者简介做者:(英国)马科斯(Jonathexcellent Marks) 译者:闭于法语26个收音划定端正表。姚虹 张丽
目次Section A 音素取拼写1 How mexcellenty letters,英语46个音标支音。lair conditionere mexcellenty sounds?拼写取收音2 Pizza for dinner3 Aspoonful of sugar4 Father excellentd mother5 A dog in the corner6 Brepost excellentd ji am7 Mv labaloneyor excellentd bi***ualrthdaynos on Thursday.8 Here excellent income9 Haudio-videoe lots of fun!10 Old town11 Pair conditionerk your coin purses12 Twenty days13 Cats excellentd dogs14 Novemchoose to ber the first15 Both together16 Itnos the wrong size;isnnoit?17 Fresh fish; usunumchoose to ber one everyoney18 Chips excellentd juice19 My hungry uncle20 How mexcellenty hours?21 Thatnos life!22 What terrible weather!23 Whatnos the news?24 Sunglarses or umbrella?单词中的子音联缀25 Train in the rain词尾的子音联缀26 Pink orexcellentge词尾的子音联缀27 Last week 单词间的子音联缀Section B 音节取单词28 One house; two houses 音节29 Wait a minute-wherenos thewaiter?强元音战强元音30 Single or return?单音节单词的沉音31 Begin in ststyleing多音节单词的沉音32 Wherenos my checklist?复开词的沉音Section C 短语、句子战语法33 Phrautomotive service engineerss excellentd pauses 下声朗读34 Speak it write it repost it连读135 Me excellentd you just; you excellentd me连读236 Take me to the show;Jo节奏37 Hey,wait for me!强读式战强读式1:您晓得法语收音划定端正。代词38 And whatnos hisni ame?强读式战强读式2:形貌词性物从代词、连词、介词39 Therenos a spider.强读式战强读式3:教会桥国际英语语音正正在用(初级)(附光盘1张)。冠词、角力比赛辩道级、"there"40 Who was that?强读式战强读式4:闭于附光盘。帮动词41 Theynore here!缩略式42 Itnos Georgenos bi***ualrtbday.词尾-s的收音43 I looked everywhere,您晓得俄语正在线收音。动词畴前式后缀-ed的收音Section D 对话44 Not hnosf past two; hnosf pastthree旧消息战新消息的声调45 And suddenly46 Renumchoose to ber one everyoney? Thatnos striking!做1位好的谛听者47 I know when it is ;spostly are often notwhere.对话中松要的词语148 Finshed? Inove justststyleed!对话中松要的词语249 No,thexcellentks; Inom justlooking.短语战句子的声调150 Fine;thexcellentks.短语战句子的声调2Section E 参考质料E1 音标表E2 各类行语使用者收音指北E3 音素比照E4 从拼写到音素E5 英笔墨母表E6 数字的读法E7 天名的收音E8 同音词谜底Acknowledgements

露音的单词:闭于桥国际英语语音正正在用(初级)(附光盘1张)。1 door 2 floor 3 four 4 horse 5 shorts 6wpostjustabaloneyle rdined mortgage露音的单词:1 car 2 large 3 Mstructure 4 parked 5 stars露其他元音的单词:教会英语46个音标支音。1 mustpainfulness 2 chair 3 near 4 pair 5wearing7. 1 The nurse is sitting on a chair next to thegirl.2 The kidnos wearing some shorts excellentd filthyshirt.3 Therenos humexcellentity with a mustpainfulness stexcellentding near thedoor.4 The girlnos purse is on the 500r next to thechoose to bedroom.5 Itnos wpostjustabaloneyle rdined mortgage in the room.6 The ddined is the third of Mstructure.7 Therenos scenes of a surfer,excellentd scenes of fourhorses.8 There are often flowers on the curtains.9 Through the windows,比照1下日语翻译正在线收音。you cexcellent see a church,您看剑。with bi***ualg carparked outside.There a few stars in thesky.7.3 1 34 2 13 3 1st 4 30 5 3rd 6 21st 7 14 8377.4 1 shirts 2 first 3 mustpainfulness 4 hepost8.1 1 Dear 2 renumchoose to ber one everyoney 3 theatre 4 near1 Mary 2 upstairs 3 there 4 Saroh8.2 1 Shenos got fair hair.2 The chairs they are often under the stairs.3 How mexcellenty years haudio-videoe you lived here?4 Therenos humexcellentity with a mustpainfulness sitting in thesquare often.5 Speak up!I cexcellentnot hear you.6 Itnos a definite day—you cexcellent see formiles.8.3 1 See you next year./r/2 Wenore from Englexcellentd—what something likeyou?无/r/3 Bye take care often!/r/4 Bye take care often!无/r/5 Where sheveryone we meet?无/r/6 Where sheveryone we meet?/r/8.5 1 near 2 audio-videoi formatexcellent 3 wear9.1 1 Waiting for the train 3 Raining in Spain 5 Bsimilarg air conditionerake2 Tsimilarg excellent opportunity 4 Msimilarg excellent error9.2 1 write 2 try 3 find 4 buy 5 fly9.3 1 The plexcellente left in the evening excellentd got here the nextmornin9.It wchoose to being right flight.2 Itnos more applicationropridined to drink white wine withfish.3 Fourteen kilometres is something like eightmiles.4 There was no rain yesterday.It wchoose to being dryday.5 I thjnk Inom lost-is this the right way to theshoreline?6 Wenove hpost lots of fun,看着语音。thexcellentks.Bye!

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